Wire Wrapped Earrings! Illustrated Tutorial

Learn to make Three types of Wire Wrapped Earring Styles as well as other foundational wire wrapping skills!

In the Om Tara Wire Wrapped Earrings! Illustrated Tutorial, you'll learn how to create three different styles of Wire Wrapped Earrings, all the wire practicing your wire-wrapping skills! 

You'll start with Simple Headpins, and move on to create Coiled Wraps and Bird's Nest Wraps. In this tutorial you will learn to make three styles of earrings:

*Wire Wrapped Drop Earrings*
*Hammered Ring Pearl Drop Earrings*
*Twisted Ring Dangle Earrings* 

Have fun learning Foundational Wire Wrapping Skills
while making beautiful earrings you can Wear and Share with others!


The Earrings, Earrings, Wire Wrapped Earrings! Illustrated Tutorial is the February 2018 Featured Tutorial in the Tutorial of the Month Subscription! Learn More Here


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