Knotted Silk Layering Necklace Tutorial

The Knotted Silk Layering Necklace Tutorial includes Step by Step instructions for making two types of Silk Illusion Necklaces using an easy to learn knotting technique. You'll learn the technique for traditional silk knotting, as well as adding space between beads to create beautiful, on trend Illusion necklaces. 

In this tutorial you will learn
*How to use clamshell bead tips with Silk Cord*
*How to tie an Overhand Knot*
*How to slide a knot into place*

Make one for a classic look, or make a few to wear together.
Make it short, make it long to wrap several times, add a center pendant
- the possiblilities are endless!

These beautiful Silk Necklaces are one of my favorite styles, and make great gifts, too!


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