Macramé Bracelets Illustrated Tutorial

Learn to make these Quick and Easy Macramé Leather and Pearl Bracelets!

In the Om Tara Macramé Bracelet Tutorial, you'll learn to make THREE Quick and Easy Macramé Leather and Pearl Bracelets that you can wear and share with others!

This Illustrated Tutorial includes Step by Step instructions for making Three types of Macramé Bracelets using easy to learn macramé knotting techniques - two single-wrap bracelets and one triple-wrap bracelet!

In this tutorial you will learn the
*Spiraling Half Hitch Knot*
*Lark’s Head Knot*
*Overhand Loop*
*Overhand Knot*

You'll even learn modifications for making wrap bracelets and necklaces of any length!

Make one for a classic look,
or make a few to wear together.
Use more leather for a wrap bracelet
- the possiblilities are endless!

Macramé Bracelets make a great gift, too!


The Macramé Bracelets Illustrated Tutorial is the January 2018 Featured Tutorial in the Tutorial of the Month Subscription! Learn More Here


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